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Hiking in and around Bad Arolsen

A network of about 300 km of marked hiking routes


Guided hikes with knowledgeable, local guides

On the third Saturdays of each month at 14.00, a free hike is offered that is guided by a knowledgeable guide and that explores the beautiful woods and landscapes and of course Twistesee lake.

Meeting point for these hikes:
Touristik-Service, Große Allee 24

The hikers and the guide together select a route that matches their personal preferences for difficulty and length (hikes are typically about 8 m).

Hiking routes for independent hikers

For a first impression of the 400-km hiking route network in and around Bad Arolsen, you can take a look at the hiking map here. 

The hiking map with a built-in map of the city is available for sale at the Touristik-Service centre.

Note: The trail markers are based on the different suburbs of Bad Arolsen. For example, H1 stands for a hiking trail in Helsen, and K2 for a hiking trail in Kohlgrund.

Enjoy making your plans!

Examples for two hiking routes

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Stadt Bad Arolsen
- Der Magistrat -
Große Allee 24
34454 Bad Arolsen


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